innova Mulsin® Vitamin D3

The concentrated vitamin liquid supports the absorption of calcium and phosphor and helps to maintain healthy bones. It also supports the immune system in its normal function and bone growth and development with children.

 Possible fields of application:

The key function of vitamin D for our health has long been underestimated. This vitamin can do more than only regulate the calcium metabolism. It is involved in many processes in the body:

  • Bones need calcium. Vitamin D3 regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphor and thus helps to maintain healthy bones and muscle function. The higher the vitamin D level in the blood, the denser the bones. Consequently, vitamin D3 also supports bone growth and development with children.
  • Vitamin D3 supports the immune system in its function. Scientists at the Copenhagen University have found out, that vitamin D is essential for the immune system. If this vitamin is missing in the body, the killer cells of the immune system – the T cells – cannot react and are not able to fight pathogens/viruses in the body. When facing a pathogen, a T cell extends a kind of antenna, a receptor, to look for the vitamin. This means, according to the scientists, that the T cell urgently needs the vitamin or otherwise ceases to function. If the T cell does not receive sufficient vitamin D via the blood, it cannot get active.

Advantages of the product:

  • innova Mulsin ® Vitamin D3 D3 is liquid, therefore no tablets must be swallowed, good for the quick intake on the go.
  • pleasant taste (pear flavour)
  • no artificial flavouring or sweetening agents
  • no colouring agents
  • natural carriers (herbal concentrates, oils and emulsifiers)
  • optimized bioavailability
  • transport of active agents after the natural model of breast milk
  • Vitamin E coated with a herbal micromembrane is absorbed by the body directly, quickly and safely

innova Mulsin D3


10 ml – equals at least 240 drops
1000 IE (25 μg) in each drop of emulsion
PZN: 3109766


Concentrated pears, water, stabilizer: gum arabic, vegetable oil, vitamin D3, preserving agent: potassium sorbate, acidifier: citric acid, antioxidant: natural vitamin E and citric acid ester

Nutritional values:

1 drop contains 1000 IE = 25 µg of vitamin D3 (500 % NRV*)
*Percentage of the reference value acc. to annex XIII of LMIV VO (EG) 1169/2011

Recommendations for use:
Put 1 drop directly on the tongue or take with liquid

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